Girls are magic. They are such a joy. They add a new dimension to our thinking, but it is not always logical. You will need to observe their logic so that you can handle situations. As a fifty-year-old father of a motorcycle competitor of mine said: “Andy. You are correct. I am always saying to my wife: ‘But, that is illogical.’ ” For the protection of the girls we love, you will need to curb the illogic. The first stage is to understand it. The conclusion does not need to match the reasoning. My wonderful mother once said to me: “Eat it up or it will be wasted.” To which I replied: “If I eat it when I don’t need it, it is wasted anyway.” Unfortunately, girls just don’t get logic and we don’t get their illogic. Study these to get an understanding of what you need to handle.

Here are some memes that illustrate the views of the creator of the meme.

This one hints at a common observation by males along the lines: “What’s yours, is yours and what’s mine is yours. As a male, you will have to live with it. Bring some male logic into it, but accept that it is mostly a lose-lose situation for the male. However, we still love them. They add such joy to the day. You need to learn to keep a lid on the situation. Financial prudence. As a male, you need to establish your ‘principles’ and stick to them. Don’t fritter your money at their request. It may be that they are testing you: Are you good at financial management? If they need support through tough times, they want someone who can manage the money.

Stand up against inappropriate behavior. You need to draw your lines. My approach is to starve ‘the argument of oxygen’ — but it does not always work. Sooner or later they will find a chink in the armour and get the sward through to your heart. You have to decide if you can handle it or get out. The verbal attacks can destroy you – neigh kill you. You can try to ignore in a manner of letting it go straight over your head, whilst continuing the conversation about something else or you can terminate the conversation and perhaps go out. This kind of behavior can make you dread going home. If you find yourself saying: “back to the house of misery.” then their attacks have destroyed the homeliness of the abode. Women have an ability to draw on a vast arsenal of indirect aggression procedures which they can use to make your life miserable. They have not changed much over the centuries. Dr. Gary Namie states:

“Bullying has tremendous health harms. … There’s cardiovascular issues, ulcers, and colitis. Now we know that stress also changes the brain, affecting memory and ability to concentrate.”

Fix it or get out. It is too dangerous to your wellbeing. Retaliation is unlikely to work as they are likely to be far better at destroying your emotional state than you are of destroying theirs. Your best practice is to have principals and stick to them. Do not allow a woman to undermine your principles.

Have a look for ‘Sean Connery hitting a woman’. He hints that it is acceptable to hit a girl when she gets too far out of line.

The reality is that equal rights brought women down to the level of men, not up to the level of men. Women were not required to work in factories and were exempted from the battlefield. Out of choice, they chose home life. I usually pose the little question: “If men were so awful and women so perfect, should not men’s behavior have been brought up to the standards of women?” If men were so bad, why do women want to be like men?

As for hitting of girls, as men, we are to stick to our principles and refuse to hit women, perhaps with the ‘Sean Connery exception’. A stinging slap when they get totally out of hand. As males, we are not going to debase the standards of ‘man’, just because women debase theirs.

Woman’s Language

We need=I want
I’m sorry=You’ll be sorry
We need to talk=You’re in trouble
Go ahead=You’ld better not
Do what you want=You’ll pay for this later
I’m not upset=I fuming
You’re certainly attentive tonight! = Is sex all you ever think about?
Is my butt fat? = Tell me I’m beautiful
You have to learn to communicate = Just agree with me
Do you love me? = I’m going to ask for something expensive
How much do you love me? = I did something today you’re not going to like
I don’t want a rich man = I want a rich man

Out of interest, when women are listening, they are detecting feelings as well as words. Males detect logic alone. There is a whole world of difference to the way a woman absorbs what you are saying. You can force her to move to logic mode alone by being utterly straight-faced, devoid of emotion, socially clumsy, and utterly logical. But there is a whole layer above this which involves using your eyes in a facinating manner. It includes nods and mannerism, but the key is in the eyes. It is a whole level of communication above logical talk. First of all, check who looks away first. The three young, Chinese males, yesterday, assumed that strength lay in the muscles of the arm. Wrong. See who looks down first when looking into the eyes of a woman. If you look down, she has the power. She has power,  and you are a weakling in her presence. This is not staring as in looking at a television, the eyes focus with a prepared message: “I respect you. I like looking at you. I would like to get to know you.” It may also contain: “I would like to ‘take this further’ ” The ‘take this further’ means towards sexual relations but not in the nasty sense of “I want to fuck you”. It means a romantic engagement where you will take her body to places she has never been. A liaison with you is going to be very exciting for her. The eyes then move on to transmitting more messages to her that include that she is raising your heart rate, and having an effect on you, and that you can think of no better place to be than playing eyes with her. You are hers for the taking.

This is the classic situation of girls showing off their wares and complaining when males stare at her.

Before we learned to speak, we had to use facial expressions. You can imagine that a male had to ‘show his intentions’ using facial expressions. It may have included a noise such as lives on in the whistle from building sites at the girls walking by. The males enjoying the smile from afar. The girls enjoying the attention, soon to be lost as they age. A flutter for all with no danger. In the Victorian era, the male would state his intentions formally in words. Males and females were careful not to lead the other on unnecessarily. She might snap her fan shut to indicated that she was not interested or swing it slowly to demonstrate interest. Before we could speak, we probably used facial expressions, and you can still detect these. There is a mean, go away look and an ‘I find you interesting look.’
I often say: “God made women beautiful so that men would fall for them. Unfortunately, he made men ugly.” They usually disagree with the ‘men are ugly’ bit. I sometimes ask: “Did god make women beautiful or did god make man’s mind think that woman are beautiful” I then add: “A cat does not care what its owner looks like. It just thinks: ‘I have an owner that feeds me’.” Beauty is tied to virility. If we think someone is a suitable virile mate, we class them as ‘beautiful’. The detection of attractiveness is an ancient signal of evolutionary fitness that informs our reptile brain that this beautiful person will be good at producing healthy children. We get a subconscious message that the person is beautiful and that we should make attempts to procreate. Strangely enough, we are detecting averageness. Someone that fits the mould of our society. Someone without unusual features. For men, virility is well defined in this quote about Roman society:

The virile is not simply what is manly; it is more: an ideal of power and virtue, self-assurance and maturity, certitude and domination . . . . courage and “greatness” accompanied by strength and vigour.

Thus, women are weighing up the virility of men. Male virility is associated with strength, strength, force, dynamism, gutsiness, vigour, and potency. A Spanish dictionary lists: ‘potencia sexual’, which might as  well be translated as ‘The ability to fuck me and  give me children!’ Collins Dictionary says that it does not equal: ‘impotence, effeminacy, unmanliness, weakness, femininity, and softness’. Thus the encouragement of these characteristics under new-age thinking is detrimental to the characteristics desired by women. Virility is to men as fertility is to women. So virility in women refers to their fertility. As males, we detect a woman’s virility as perceived fertility and our subconscious tells us to make a move to get to know the girl with the intent of creating babies. Our neocortex receives a message that our subconscious has determined that said female is appropriately virile which we see as beauty. An old woman can have beauty in that she would have been beautiful in earlier years.

So, girls check out the guys to assess the characteristics that they see ass desirable. Girls tend not to make it obvious. One girl, Akshya, beautifully describes the procedure as:

“We will definitely know which guy has got the better eyes, a better lips, a better biceps, a better ass, a better body, an attitude, smile, and everything possible. All we need is just a stare, a single stare is more than enough to know all this.”

She adds:

“The big difference when guys check out the girls is that, the girl will come to know the next second. We just don’t react. We act like we don’t see it but on the other side we do enjoy it. And you guys will never come to know when we start checking you out. We make sure you don’t see it…

Women check out all the other beautiful women too. Yes everyone. We see all the tiniest details within seconds. So just think about when we are checking out the guys. We need only seconds to scan you from top to bottom. It’s that easy.”

The girl will weigh up the male subtly from afar. She may then position herself to be noticed or accidentally let you catch her looking at you so that you are given a signal that you may be in with a chance. She tells us that as males, someone is always checking us out. Thus we are being checked out by all around us all day long. She says that, as males, we don’t realize that this is occurring, which is why girls might come out with statements such as: “Boys are dumb.” meaning that we just do not see stuff. A girl has totally weighed you up before you have realized that she had even seen you. Girls can read the social dynamics of a room and you cannot. I recognize that girls are seeing things that I can’t see. Akshya finishes her comment with: ‘Some advice for boys’.

Yes, there’s always someone or the other who’s checking you out. The problem is that, you are not aware of it. Stop being in your own world. Look around, you will find her. If you caught her checking you out, just smile. Who knows what will happen next.

Thus girls are checking out boys as a natural biological procedure and will use their instinctive intuition to manage the situation to their favour whilst leading you to believe that it is to your benefit. The problem alluded to by the meme above is overtly obvious staring. I had travelled to Adelaide many years ago to purchase an articulated Volvo bus. On a test run in one of these ten litre monsters, the agent said that his wife regularly admonished him for looking at other women. I quickly calculated that if a male was on the side of a street, I looked for about half a second to check whether he was a threat. If he looked threatening, I looked a little longer to weigh up the threat. If it was a female, I looked for about five seconds. What I since worked out was that I was asking my subconscious: “Would I or wouldn’t I?” This clearly refers to a subconscious decision whether, given the opportunity, ‘I would have sexual relations with this girl.’ Many issues come into the mind including attractiveness, legality, age, availability, and more. The suggestion is that girls can weigh males up in half a second whereas a male takes five seconds to weigh up a girl. One university now decrees that it is an offense for staff to look at each other for more than five seconds, which adds to my five-second observation. Akshya has it right when she says: “If you caught her checking you out, just smile.” and I add that if she catches you checking her out, just smile. Here starts the next problem. You will give yourself away by the nature of your smile. She will read you smile in ways that you cannot understand. She will detect your brainwaves in the smile. The task then is to give the appropriate smile in the ‘caught you looking at me game’. I usually ensure that the smile is preprogramed. I give a smirky smile with a little nod to pass the message that I am strong enough to take her on and I find her interesting to look at. If she challenges with some female attack, she is doing things in a womanly way to check your response. You must indicate that you wore looking at something interesting. If you think pure wickedness, she will detect it. think pleasant thoughts because she can see further into your soul than you realize. But that is the excitement of meeting girls. She has pretence as her master-card. You only have male logic.

Prachi has a similar story to tell:

Yes guys, you are noticed by girls. We do check you out. Top to bottom and then back. We notice everything from your hair to eyes to clothes to beard to shoes. … A well groomed and/or a well behaved guy always gets noticed. And not only we check you out, at times we imagine our entire lives with you. Ya, just in that nano-second.

Thus girls check out the boys in more ways that boys can imagine. They can see things about you that you may not even be aware of. They evaluate you. Continuing:

The first thing that catches our attention is looks and personality. Your build, clothes, hair and, smell.  … We make sure that you do not notice us checking you out. … Just a look for a second is good. Anything longer will make the other person uncomfortable.

She hints that girls are into thoughts about feelings, feelings that do not fit with male logic. She is perceptive that the other person may ‘feel uncomfortable’. Feeling uncomfortable is not something that the male thinks of, so the scantily clad female ‘feels uncomfortable’ when stared at by a male. The male task is to recognize that women perceive these social issues whilst males are largely unaware of the social dynamics surrounding him. Thus the male stares at her breasts for more than an appropriate time. The task is then to make the girl comfortable at your gaze by signalling decent intent to her or avoiding the eye gaze or ensuring that she does not notice. Focus on the shop front steadily showing intent and occasionally get an eyeful of her curves as if she distracted you from the shop front. Or let her know with clever eye contact that you appreciate the visual impact that she created and give here such acknowledgement when she catches your eye. I give a little nod with a distinct: “You have brightened an otherwise dull day.” look and “I would like to keep looking.” If I get it right, she invites me to keep looking and she may start an eye game with me. If you think strength is all to do with muscles, try looking into the eyes of such a girl whilst communicating respect. Get it right and she will wiggle her boobies for you and give you very inviting eye invites. She will, in a fraction of a second place you in the ‘never to be forgotten‘ bystander class. Next time you see her, she will recall: “I remember you. You were that man looking at me down… You have very naughty eyes.”

Naughtiness is a female trick to make all sexuality look like a sin. It is a tactic womanhood pass from generation to generation to control male sexuality. The old woman says to her husband: “All you think of is the ‘s’ word.” The topic being so ‘naughty’ as to be unpronounceable.

Olivia likes a genuine smile. She informs:

If they have a genuine smile – it always deserves a second glance in my book.

She also mentions that the female stare at a male lasts less than one second and that the males typically don’t notice. Shivana reports on girls stating at boys with:

my friends do, my friend’s friends do, my friend’s friend’s friends do.

The reality is that eye contact is so much more intimate than words will ever be. My trick is to play what me considered a double bluff. Look the other way at something, then take the eyes around to ‘survey the scene. Your eyes will naturally as biologically programmed, stop at the interesting female. If he notices you looking at her, you must reply with the eyes in that blink of a second. This reply with the eyes may be a smile a small nod, or what comes natural. It must be backed with truthful thoughts for the ‘I like looking at you’ and ‘I would like to get to know you’ to be transmitted. The double bluff is of the nature: ‘I know that you know that I know that you know that I was caught looking at you and it was not accidental but I am pretending it was but the pretence makes it fun.’
Santosh seems to think that women have a wider range of peripheral vision which allows them to notice who is noticing. He believes that women check out men more than men check out women but women tend not to get caught whilst men get caught and get accused of the same inappropriate behaviour that women are eager participants. A friend, Damien said about something else: “He made the mistake of getting caught.”

Three girls, a few days ago in Krabi, said to me whilst quizzing me about my writing, said: “We thought you might be a spy.”  but they continued with: “We thought you must have been quite handsome when you were younger.” In other words, they had weighed up my potential worthiness as a partner in reverse. What I would have been like when I was an eligible age for them. The brain does all this calculation in the background, presumably in the reptile brain, then handing the information over to the neocortex for decision making. I am usually surprised that virile young girls should find me interesting in any way and would actively play their eye and visual cues with me.

So as a male guide, girls are noticing you all the time. They are good at hiding it. So you have to play a ‘catch you out’ game.

Thinking about this a bit more, I related back to the time as reptiles. Males tend to stare at a girl for five seconds in an obvious and detectable manner whilst girls stare secretly or for half a second. This may relate to our reptilian ancestors where no neocortex logic was available. His engaged stare was a signal to her that he was interested. His stare had to be detectable by the female, so the state was long enough so that she could detect it on the next surveillance of the surroundings. Biology aside, if women are winging about excessive drooling stares, male precedure needs to be modified to suit.  Still stare but be ready with the appreciative smile. The smile that says that I enjoy looking at you because you are good to look at. A tall blond girl this morning in rail station Bangkok took numerous selfies in front of a pink train. She moved her head to numerous angles as she took the selfies. These girls are clearly brought up by their mothers to be narcissists. Thus they enjoy being noticed. The viewing needs to be of an appreciative type. You must develop the appreciative look, even if your main aim is to watch her jiggly bits. Her narcissism helps society by getting the males to work for the benefit of society which from a woman’s point of view, means women and her offspring. Get used to it. It is the way society has always worked. Transfer of assets from male to female. Just enjoy the way they do it. They get assets and you get sex and offspring.

Andy Chalkley 2018

Not copywrite other than the origin of some images.

May be copied with author attrition.

When women want something to happen, they will come up with male-type logic that they think will fit the situation. As a male, you need to assist in the eradication of illogic. Unfortunately, we are living in an era of illogic. An engineering document ascribed illogic to emotional thinking: “Illogic resulting from emotional thinking may be found at all levels of engineering.” [] The author describes it as “emotionally inspired illogic”. They talk about “removing the incentives for emotional thinking”. A  Sage Journal on advertising reports: “Ninety college students looking both at ads and at illogical re-statements of their contents were prone to accept the illogic”. Thus, we are prone to accept illogic if it is presented well. As rational animals, our logical lapses are astonishing. Logic is reasoning that follows strict principles of validity. It thus stands up to critical analysis. Thus, to be logical, you need to analyze the items put before you. Logic is more than reasoning, it is correct reasoning. In the meme, she gives reasoning. It just happens to be incorrect reasoning. The two males are embarrassed, not about the refugee issue, but about the failure of her logic.

Too much logic in your life will make you miserable, so you need women to transport you into another world where you can enjoy life without constant analysis. Logic tends to be free of emotion and deals and deals only with pure information. Thus males tend to be more logical as they knock all emotion out of their decision making. Females have fun because they add an extra dimension to their decision making. ‘Because I like the colour’, ‘because I like it’ and similar are brought into the decision making, which adds a level of happiness to the situation. Women wear high heels that are difficult to work in whilst men wear practical shoes. Women have long nails or wear false long nails. Some females complain about the weight of their heft breasts whilst other weigh them down with problematic plastic bags of dangerous silicone.

Advertising has hefty doses of illogical reasoning as it appeals to the emotions of the victim. Appealing to the emotions of the captive audience, purchaser fails to check the quality and prices of the goods such advertised and fail to correctly analyze their need for such items. Driving around at verge clean-up time, one can see many ‘exercise machines’ of the type advertised on late night television. Busty girls have little to do with cars and men on horseback have little to do with cigarettes. Cars get associated with fertility and cigarettes get associated with virility and logic gets thrown out of the window. You need to be able to detect when irrational arguments are dressed up as reason in a manner that creates deceit. I do not forget the lyrics of the Rolling Stones that I remember as: “I don’t want no one telling me how white my shirt should be.” The actual words were:

When I’m watching my TV
And that man comes on to tell me
How white my shirts can be
Well he can’t be a man cause he doesn’t smoke
The same cigarettes as me

As a result of those lines, I sometimes I yell at the TV that I don’t want something that they hint that I cannot live without. However, the last two lines are like an advert for marihuana: “He doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me”.

I gave up shampoo ten years ago. I just rinse my hair in the shower water. It sounds like a double con to me. By our shampoo but your hair will become dry and you will need our conditioner to counter the bad effects of our drying shampoo. Nature does not need caustic chemicals to keep hair in order. And who has the best looking hair? The Indians. What do they use? Coconut oil. What do I use occasionally: Coconut oil. It makes you feel like an oil slick but it dries beautifully particularly after the second rinse. Can I persuade people to give up shampoo — no chance. We are victims of our own gullibility.

Unfortunately, politicians and political parties are hiring the same agencies advertising commercials to run their campaign advertising. I sometimes question people and I have detected that males will vote for a politician they detest if they perceive that the person will get the job done. Females suggest that they would only vote for someone they like. Thus, politics can appeal to women by presenting a ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ approach.

George Carlin: Governments don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests. They want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept it.

You will undoubtedly fall for illogic. “He lied to his previous wife.” This does not mean everything he says is a lie. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” is classic. What on earth was he supposed to say and what national interest was at stake? Who the fuck gives a fuck about who the president fucks. “He lied.” they proudly proclaimed. “He’s a liar! He Lies.” And they were a bunch of scumbags for making such a big deal of his sex life. I do not trust nor like the inquisitors who were trying to bring a president down on something of no significance to the nation. They were scumbags for bringing the reputation of USA down with their dirty linen. Ghengis Khan is reputed to have slept with so many women that we all have a bit of his DNA in us.

Back to the topic. In our ancient past when we were reptiles, the female had to test the male to ensure he stayed around and develop a number of tricks to enable that. He had to be convinced that it was in his best interests. The woman still does the same. He is required to stay around and whatever tricks are necessary will be employed. Biology gave us love to keep him tied. It gave him a sense of possession carried on today as marriage. It gave her a wiliness to manipulate him to cooperate. He gained in the joy of togetherness with the girl.

False rape has become a serious issue for males. Many are scared to have close relations with females due to the fear of false rape allegations. Thus this act by selfless women is not good for women because it has put the fear of god into males making it even more difficult for girls to find boyfriends. The problem is significant. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, reports that about 97,000 students between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape each year.

But there are other issues here. Girls are getting so drunk that they fall into situations that they regret when sober. They are having casual sex with persons that they have only recently met. The girl got drunk. Does she not realize that she might lose control of her common-sense? She went off with someone that may be an unknown stranger. Stranger-danger out of the window. She got into a horizontal position with a male. Snuggled up close, she may lose her inhibitions. If she removed her knickers, she was giving the invite to ‘go all the way’. Males even talk about ‘getting into a girl’s knickers’. The expression is used to convey ‘having sex’ with someone.

Identifying what is true and what is false. There are only two witnesses, the accuser and the accused. Sometimes a person has no memory of the time period. If rape is so taboo, why are we letting girls and boys in areas of limited supervision drink until they lose their memories? Can’t we have some common-sense here! If a girl gets drunk, goes to a boys dorm lies on the bed with him, talks sweet nothings to him, removes her knickers, she has given the young experienced male a clear green signal that sex with her is okay. Her big mistake was going to a private area with him and removing her knickers. His mistake was not getting written authority to have sex with her. In an era of declared equality, if he forgets everything that happened due to drunkenness, was he raped? It is one thing to scream: “No means no.” but what about “Yes means yes.” What a mood killer it must be to obtain authority for each move. May I do this and may I do that? Even then it is verbal and easily denied. Even mothers (female!) are teaching their sons (male) to be careful of drunken girls.  In the days before college they are telling their boys: “Never have sex with a girl unless she’s sent you a text that proves the sexual relationship is consensual.”

The keyword has become ‘consent’. One hundred years ago, anyone that messed with a daughter’s virginity would have been dead by next morning. Under the misguided ‘sexual liberation’ that destroyed the female cartel on sex, and sexually liberated males to have sex with any girl without consequence, all that was required was consent, and at that only consent of the girl. In normal life, a person’s word or signal is sufficient to give consent to an action. The policeman waves you through a junction. He does not need a formal contract to prove that beckoned you through the junction. As soon as anything gets into the hands of lawyers, formality is involved. Consent is now being required to a legal standard. If a girl can say “no” and revoke a previous agreement of consent, then, is ongoing consent required. Should we then record all conversations as in an airplane cockpit to protect young males from predatory lawyers operating in a lawyers feeding frenzy? To protect these young drunks,  consent apps have been written to record initial and ongoing consent. One is for video recording a ‘Yes’ consent. The assumption is that ‘No’ has greater weight than ‘No’ and that no is implied if there is a lack of evidence of consent. ‘She smiled. Removed her knickers and lay on the bed with her legs apart’ appears like consent other than she never uttered the English language word for consent. There many things we do without having verbal consent. We wait at airport immigration until we get a hand the beckons us. To avoid ambiguity, girls need to be told not to go to male dorms alone and never be alone with a boy when drunk. If we don’t want our young daughters to be raped, don’t put them in a drunken boy’s dorm whilst drunk. He won’t be going to sleep in the chair. He got through all the initial stages of getting into the females nest, by getting her to his or her dorm. He is not going to stop at that point.

In many countries, sex without consent is considered rape. It is based on the concept that sex must be voluntary. Previously, to secure a rape conviction, prosecutors needed to prove that the accused had used violence or that the victim had been exploited in a vulnerable condition, such as being drunk.

Women choose males for their virility and general manliness, and essence of that is that he will be enthusiastic about sexual activity. One twenty-eight-year-old girl said to me whilst I she would not progress if she continually rejected males: “All they want to do is to get into my knickers.” I said that “twenty-eight-year-old males are different to eighteen-year-old males” and also that she “would not go out with them if they did not wish to do so at some stage.” She agreed.

That is a fresh joke. It lives in other jokes:

Happy wife. Happy life.

‘Men control the world, but women control the men.’ — Sherry Argov

‘She who must be obeyed’ now has a short form SWMBO, pronounced swim-bow.

The Oxford English Dictionary uses hyphens as in ‘She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed’ a mildly depreciative noun for “a strong-willed or domineering woman, esp. a wife or female partner.” However, the forums tend to use it for any wife, indicating that women tend to get their way in a marriage.

This works both ways. it appears that: ‘Miserable wife, miserable life.’ also holds true. Deborah Carr, Rutgers University professor, added fuel to the fire with “Women’s happiness didn’t seem to be affected by husbands’ satisfaction with their marriages.”

A similar meme contains:

Arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement. In the end, you ignore it all and click ‘I agree’.

This is all part of the obstacle course that a female sets a male when she meets him. The female needs to know that he will be there supporting her through the tough times when she is with child. You can imagine the female reptile playing rejection games to check that he was ‘totally into her’. Even an employer might create an integrity test by leaving some money around to see if you, the employee stole it. She girl is checking you out with an obstacle course. She also brings in her master tools which include emotional obstacles. She might create a tantrum t see how you handle it. She might accuse you of some act that you would find difficult to create. “You are so heartless. You forgot to feed the fish!” or “How much do you love me?”
In the meme: “Why didn’t he call me back?” Matches women’s logic of testing your enthusiasm for her. To you, it is utterly illogical. To you it is ‘woman’s logic’ that to you is illogic. It is not illogical.

Any person engaging in intercourse runs the risk of a pregnancy. It is nature, after all. Engaging in the act of sex even with contraception, there is a clear slight chance of a pregnancy. The pill may not work properly and condoms can break or fall off. A simple rule is not to have sex with anyone you would not be prepared to have a child with. One girl reported that the condom broke and the pill did not work and got pregnant with twins. The ‘pull and pray’ method is even riskier.  Even those that chart to avoid pregnancy can finish up pregnant. The results  of ‘surprise pregnancies’ are variously reported as: “She was the best thing to ever happen to me” or “Super happy about it though, I love our 2-year-old honeymoon baby.” or “It worked out wonderfully.” or “my daughter is an amazing human” or “I wouldn’t trade that “mistake” for the world.” or “Now we have a lovely little 15-month-old daughter and are so happy that she is in our lives.” On the flip side, one girl reports: “I over a year of unprotected sex to get pregnant.” Yet there are those that try to get pregnant and remain disappointed as in: “You still can’t help thinking about it everytime you see a baby.”

The reality is that there are an awful lot of surprise pregnancies to the extent that in the USA, an estimated 49 percent of pregnancies are a surprise.

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