Touch is an important part of your arsenal as a male. It is one of the ways that we communicate. We are descendants of a range of wild animals and we had no speech, as such. We communicated with facial expressions, smiles, and nods as an initial interchange and then moved onto touch. As males, we are moving on to copulation far too quickly. Some of the reptiles that we are descended from take all day at their ‘get to know you’ procedures. Young men are obsessed with ‘getting their dick wet’. They move on to the sex part too quickly as if male orgasm is the only component to be considered. Being young, these newcomers do not last long enough. If you wish to use logic, think this: “If she has a memorable time, she is more likely to stay and more likely to invite future liaison.” In fact, it should be more than memorable, it should be the best time that she has had in contact with a male. In the ‘getting to know you’ stages, sex is not necessary. If she has taken the pledge she is a highly desirable woman. Touch becomes extremely important to the limit she will allow to show her what she might be in for in the future and to show her that you can ‘rock her boat’. The pledge she will have taken is to ‘not have sex until marriage’ and is undertaken by various church groups. Thankfully from your male position, this is a very commendable commitment as, under the revolutionary attack on the Christian West, there is a drought of so-called ‘good girls’.

So back to the topic. As a male, you will be sensitive to her touch. After a couple of days of dating, she will move to touch, as eye communication becomes ‘overdone’. There are unwritten limits on how much eye contact is acceptable and only your subconscious reptile brain can work it out. A person that uses too much eye contact or inappropriate eye contact is called: “creepy”. Only your natural instinct can tell you how much eye contact to use, but as a male with a logical upbringing, you are likely to allow your eyes to drift away and use verbal chatter to hide your discomfort at the use of eye to eye communication. When you look into her eyes, shortly some form of facial expression will be required in the form of a smile. Avoid raising the eyebrows. I’m not sure why I should not raise eyebrows but it is wrong and you need to train yourself not to do it. You will feel your heart flutter at some stage during the eye contact. I sometimes tell girls that she made my heart flutter. There is the tendency to move to verbal communication which is just a gap filler for the real communication of eyes and touch. Our neocortex logical brain is not much good when dealing with ‘matters of the heart’. The first meeting tends to involve fairly intense eye ‘games’ and you will get butterflies and heart flutters at this level of excitement. She will initiate some touch contact which may be on the second date. It may be ‘accidental’. I said to a girl a few days ago that I saw that she ‘accidentally’ knocked his leg when she was exiting the table. She said abruptly, as if I was stupid: “It was not accidental!” When you get the ‘accidental’ touch, a shiver is likely to go through your young man’s body. I’m sixty-six, and it still happens to me. It is more difficult for the male to initiate touch contact.

On the second date approximately, she may use touch to communicate that she enjoys your presence. She is communicating with touch. This may be hard to comprehend for a ‘mere male’ that has had all the emotion knocked out of him through upbringing and education where you are required to use logic to override your emotions. You have been encouraged to use your logical neocortex brain to override your reptilian brain. You need to ‘get in touch’ with your reptilian brain as this is where all the excitement in life comes from. You do not need to learn that girls are good to look at and good fun to communicate with. I see so many males just using logic with girls. There is another level above logic which comes from the reptilian brain. You need to control and moderate your reptilian brain. Some might call it your animal instincts. One girl put her fingers on my forearm and played my arm like a piano. It takes the communication to a whole new level. It is a set of tactics that even the girls are omitting as they are now pushed through educations systems which give them obsessions with ‘success’ which push them to get jobs in straight-faced offices. When the touch stage starts, it may be that the eye contact is significantly reduced and any excessive eye contact feels like it is being overdone. There is no rulebook on this, yet there is a clear etiquette in the reptile brain about eye contact and touch as the female decides if this man is the one she is choosing. Man made logic and verbal communication play comparatively small roles in this procedure. You simply cannot talk your way into a girls heart unless you are a skilled poet.

After a few dates, or sooner or later, she may offer you to kiss her neck. This is a sign of trust as this is a vulnerable part of the body. In the animal kingdom, this neck area would never be shown to a predator. Do not betray the trust bestowed, and never give her a ‘love bite’. (A ‘love bite’ is a bruise like mark that remains when the neck is kissed in a sucking manner to cause sub-skin damage to blood vessels.) However, gentle caresses in this area will ‘lower her defences’. It is part of ‘making out’. If she allows this level of intimacy, you should then be able to use your fingertips on her back. Running your fingers lightly down her back from her neck will be far more erotic for her than the same movement on you the male. She might say to you that she could stay all night while you do that to her. She is referring to the effect of you lightly running your fingers down her back or various combinations of fingers lightly caressing her arms neck ears and back.

It all comes under the topic of how to ‘caress a girl’. It takes a lot longer for a woman to become aroused. So you need to invest time. It may take twenty or thirty minutes to arouse a woman. However, they will enjoy gentle caresses irrespective of intent. Lightly running your fingertips down her back may please her and if done in a trusting and gentle manner, she may give you further license. If it is clear that you are not to do anything truly erotic, then you can say gently that you will behave yourself and you could say: “It’s ok. I won’t touch you.” (inappropriately.) And, as always, you must stick to your word. You are an honourable man. We are talking about two differences. Firstly, her body is very sensitive to touch all over. Secondly, she takes much longer to become aroused. And the sensitivity may change as she becomes aroused. You need to run your fingers lightly down her back, caress her neck all within the bounds of what she will allow. You will need to do it for a long time. Hopefully, she will give some feedback in the form of purrs or little movements or just tell you straight, but if she has had her brain battered in an education system or become straight-faced in a corporate environment, she may not and may be thinking about what she should be doing in a logical fashion. It may be that she has forgotten how to enjoy the moment as would have happened when we were reptiles. Irrespective, your efforts, care and attentiveness will be appreciated whilst she floats off into a pleasure trance. As girls have said, they could lie here all night with this being done to them. It matters little whether she is under the pledge of this is full on action. She needs to be raised to a high level of arousal so that you are top of the wazza when it comes to her choice of mate. If you are married and you don’t ‘take her to heaven’ in your bedtime activities, you won’t be getting bedtime activities very often. Irrespective of what you may think, rephrasing the words a male said to me yesterday: “These things are done on the woman’s terms.”

Be aware that girls may be very ticklish. So, depending on what is in bounds and out of bounds, it is better to stay well away from ticklish zones which will almost certainly include the under arms. It may include the belly button. If you are a bit more naked. You need permission before you go near the nipples. They may be too sensitive as in ticklish or as in too sensitive in a non-enjoyment manner.  There are no strict rules on this as it varies girl to girl. But it  is always fun finding out. If you raise her to another level, she will never forget you. Never ever forget you. If you wish a long relationship with this girl, then it is somewhat useful to raise her to another level so that she wants to be with no one else but you.

If you are in a state of nakedness, the trick is to lay her flat on her back and move her arms out straight. Each time she move them, you peacefully put them back until she gets the message: “You are running the show. She must lie back and enjoy the moments.” You completely stop her from interfering. Interestingly, you are now in charge. Some girls have great difficulty leaving the activity to you. You run your light fingertips along her arms avoiding her underarm, due to ticklishness, then onto her shoulders and past her breasts either outside her breasts or through the cleavage. Leave the breasts for now, they get attention later. Your fingertips move across the soft skin of her belly and stop at her knicker line. Avoid the belly button, it may be ticklish. If you make her giggle at this stage, the game is over and she will not let you continue as she cannot trust you to caress her. If she giggles, trust has been destroyed. Depending on the situation, repeat this many times taking slightly different routes. You should be able to work up to using the neck as the starting point. Then the ears as the starting point. Depending on whether she give you access to her legs, you can give the inside of her legs a similar treatment. The legs can also have a more formal massage treatment of a light hand grip. Again, as you move up the inner legs, keep way from the ‘naughty’ parts. You must demonstrate your absolute dependability. You are naughty, as in adventurous, but you are honourable. Soon, you may be able to move on to light lip caresses starting at the outstretched arms. If she moves her arms, don’t forget to move them back to the outstretched position. The lip kiss massage again follows the arm, misses the armpit for ticklish reasons, circumvents the breasts to show honourability, either on the outside or through the cleavage. It is not really a kiss but there may be a little lip movement. Again avoid the belly button and stop short of the naughty parts at about her knicker line. Basically you avoid the parts that are usually hidden by her knickers and bra. The tongue in and around the ear is not to be forgotten. As she settles into the performance she might warm to greater attention, but always stick to her wishes as trust is important.

This is also important in a marriage or LTR (long-term-relationship). If she is letting you have sex because it is your ‘conjugal’ right, she will eventually be reluctant. So you need to make sure that she gets maximum pleasure out of the exercise so that she wants sex as frequently as you are likely to want.

If she is enjoying this lying on her back, you might wish to turn her onto her front and repeat the process. She is of course blind to what you are doing so the next start point of your attention is a temporary mystery. For her to lie on her front with her legs wide apart and her arms outstretched takes a level of trust so you need to generate trust by telling her that you will not touch her naughty parts. You can work all the way up to the soft skin either side of the naughty parts. You are unlikely to get any visual or verbal feedback, so you may need to ask for confirmation that you are doing well.

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