To eighteen-year-old males.

The problems facing males are many. You will not be dealt with in a fair manner. Get used to it. You will experience negative portrayals of males by, media, girls, some other males, and government. You will be denied rights as a father. You will be denied reproductive rights. Girls will summarily dismiss reasonable advances. Girls will make false allegations against you. You will be treated unfairly in employment. You will on average contribute more in tax than females and receive less in public benefits. You will be treated unfairly under the law. You will be treated unfairly in the family court. You must get used to living in this environment. Unlike the spider that gets eaten after the event, you are prone to be eaten before the event.

As a group, this is difficult for males to fix as it is perceived that males are the problem. Males are the boogie man under the revamped communism called ‘feminism’. You will have to get used to it and fight it. Us old fellas are going to be gone by the time it gets totally out of hand.

As a male, you desire women. You wish to gain their cooperation. This makes it difficult to stand up against women when they demand rights. But these rights are not good for women either. Women were told they were to be freed from home activities with the children and they were required to enter the workforce. Under the newly imposed work regime, many manage to complete school without being put on antidepressants and without the assistance of a psychiatrist or psychologist. Many survive until thirty without being put on antidepressants. In excess of one in four is on anti-depressants. Woman’s happiness has fallen. They were successfully fooled that working for corporations was more important than having families. They readily accepted sexual liberation which meant that they were classed as “sexually repressed” if they didn’t give forth to some random drunk once in a while. This has left a dirth of girls that males are prepared to marry.

You are a male wishing to gain cooperation with a female. You have been programmed by upbringing and nature not to lash out at girls. This includes physically, verbally, and emotionally. (Emotionally means giving an ‘inappropriate’ look — the type girls give to you.) Your mother would have insisted: “You never hit a girl.” and “Don’t answer your mother back.” So it is not in your nature to argue with girls. Standing up against the destructive forces of feminism is difficult for males. Feminism, itself, is also deceptive. It gives its main objective as ‘equality’ between males and females. But it starts with an inappropriate assumption that males were oppressing females. I always like to test the opposite — ‘Females were oppressing males’. This is closer to the truth. If you want to find out who is strong, try looking into a girl’s eyes and see who looks down first. Stupid males think strength is muscles. How wrong they are! Men are ‘weak as’ when it comes to interpersonal relationships. ‘Clueless’ might be the closest word. Men look for the most virile girl they can find that will tolerate them. The brain translates virile as beautiful. Girls want a man that has the ability to support them and that they can control. It is called ‘romance’ which means the male grovels to the woman. In the romance novel. The male hero saves the earth by nuking a rogue asteroid putting himself in mortal danger. On his return, a girl that he likes gives him a rebuke for being a ‘heartless’ male. His crime to the girl was …. he forgot his mother’s birthday. He grovels on his knees begging forgiveness which she reluctantly bestows. He is now captive to her machinations. Now you might understand why the women get so excited at the “I do.” at the wedding. It is an oath of submission. All definitions of manliness are defined with reference to the usefulness to the woman. He is a ‘good man’ — means ‘he looks after his woman’. He is a ‘real man’  — ‘he looks after his woman’. He is romantic  — ‘he grovels to his woman’. Men were quite happy working their lives to supply a woman and children, provided they were treated fairly. But as one male worded it: “Marriage is not a good deal for males, these days.” Men are still happy to work their lives to support a female and children, but they are getting shafted part way through. But that is no great worry — if that is what it takes to sire children — that is what it takes. A house is bricks and mortar — but if he loses it — he loses it! So what. Women get what they want whatever. We know it is rough — but that is life. In the crudest of terms, I state: “You were given a penis to fuck women and you were given balls to get them pregnant. If you don’t get them pregnant, there is no point having balls. Your major mission in life is to get a woman pregnant and have children. If it creates a problem or two for you, so what, you had the children. You have achieved life’s major mission as a male.” Although the risk of problems is higher than is should be, careful management by yourself can reduce the risks.

In times gone by, females were privileged and could assume that, if they found the right man, they could avoid the rigors of employment servitude. Women had created a cartel where any male that desired sex, had to get married. “If you want sex with me, you must marry me. And when we get married, I decide when it occurs, and for the rest of your life, you have to give me your wage packet.” Sex was expensive for a male back then. If he ‘accidentally’ got her pregnant, she could expect that the pressure would be put on him to marry her in what is called a “shotgun wedding”. This is why the man gets on his knee to ask: “Will you marry me.” — code for “I give in and wish to be your man-slave and provide for you for the rest of my life.” That is the big joke on a stag night when he is paraded around on a stage by scantily clad women who smack him around, give him welts on the backside, pour molten wax on him, set fire to his pubes, and generally humiliate him to howls of laughter from his mates. In marriage, the wife is referred to as; “she who must be obeyed!” This was why the man was made the head of the family. In reality, he did whatever she wanted. The woman used every trick in the book to control him. He was praised and rewarded with nooky is he behaved and punished with the cold shoulder or removal of bedtime privileges.

There is a big problem with MRAs (men’s rights activists). They are doing a fine job but they are creating conflict with the females. They are arguing for rights for men whilst women are arguing for rights for women. So we have created what was wanted by the promoters of feminism. We have created a society-wide rift between men and women. It is an ‘us versus them’ situation.  Women tend to get what they want from men because of our high biological desire for cooperation with women. A better approach is to demonstrate to women that feminism is not a beneficial situation for females. To accomplish this is an art that I have been working on. How quickly can you convince a woman that feminism is bad for women? I’ll talk about my tactics:

I usually start with: “You realize that feminism was funded and promoted by males!” There are many ways to counter it, but don’t rely too heavily on ‘male logic’. Just because you accept something based on logic does not mean that a girl will. She may accept it because she likes and trusts you but not because the logic proves the point. As an example, as a male, you will vote for someone that you loathe, if you believe they will get the job done. Women will vote for someone they like. Convincing a woman is a different game to convincing a male.

Another line I use is: “Long nails – short nails.” I look at their fingernails and start a story. Typically it goes like this. I perhaps hold her hand and discuss her nails. She usually proudly tells me about her nails or apologizes for the state of her short nails: “Men have short nails because they were expected to be the workers of society. You have long nails because it was perceived as a status issue when you were down the café with your women friends. You compare your nails and talk about what your man is doing at work today and what he has brought you recently. It’s a status issue demonstrating that you did not need to work and you had a man-slave out working for you bringing you home money. As males, we are not interested in your nails, so long nails are not worn to attract males as we ignore these accessories. It must be to gain status amongst other women. You discuss your man-slave and how he looks after you. Males have short nails and practical clothes because we are the workers. Male status depends upon our earning power, which influences the range of girls we attract.” She is generally all eyes at this stage not having known this before. I can generally move onto how feminism destroyed all of this. But there are various lines I can take from here. Here is one: “It was very clever. Feminism destroyed the woman’s cartel.” She is all eyes. “Women had a clever cartel. If a man wanted sex with you, you would tell him: ‘If you want sex with me, you have to marry me. And, when we get married, I decide when it will happen. And, you have to give me your wage packet for the rest of your life.’ ” I pass them my wallet and let them hold it until they feel awkward. I also tell them that sex was declared to be a ‘naughty’ subject so that women could control man’s lust. It was always the male’s ‘naughty’ side leading the girl from the path of chaste honourability. He led her astray. He was ‘naughty’ because he wanted sex. It was ‘bad’ of him to want sex. In the marriage situation, the middle-aged lady can say: “All you ever think of is the ‘S’ word.” She will not even mention the full word and he is a very naughty boy for even thinking of the topic. It is a very clever control method. I often say: “In nature, they are all getting on with it. All the trees outside are having sex all day long. The animals in the trees just ‘do it’ hanging onto branches.” There is nothing naughty about sex. It is entirely natural. God made it enjoyable for a reason. Sometimes I add: “We escaped from Africa around sixty-thousand years ago. We must have developed in a temperate region because we have very little hair.” I pull up my sleeve, tip my hand to palm up and stroke the hairless part of my arm. I might take her hand and stroke her arm. Touching was always part of our communication. I continue: “As we escaped from Africa, we learned to use the skins of other animals to keep warm. We learned to build houses and use fire to keep warm. We learned to preserve food to survive snowy winters. If we had developed in Norway, we would be hairy like a bear.” I make a bear imitation. “As we wore clothes, some clown came along and said: ‘If you are not wearing clothes, you are indecent!’ In Africa, we would walk around with loin cloths or nothing. That is how the male mind knows what exciting things are hidden under a woman’s clothes. It comes from when we were walking around naked in Africa thousands of years ago.” I then double back: “It was the male desire for women that allowed women to control men and get them to do what women wanted. Patriarchy was a system that was invented or supported by women because it forced men to work in the factories to provide for women and it got men to run the society and the nation entirely for the benefit of women. Women could stay at home and look after the children, avoid the draft, and lead the café lifestyle.” I carefully put ‘or’ in ‘Patriarchy was a system that was invented ‘or’ supported by women…’ because it is contentious. But it allows me to stress that patriarchy was a system that benefited women and children. Women did not want the vote because that might give them responsibilities they did not want. Voting males could be drafted into the army to be shot. The vote never brought benefits to women. In reality, men look after women better than women look after women.

Another story I tell as a joke is: “Let’s create a patriarchy… Mmm! Well, we shall send the women out to work. The children can be held someplace else. They can come home and do the household chores and in the bedroom, they can satisfy our every whim. Mmmm! Sounds like what we have at present.”

I continue with: “Let’s create a matriarchy… Well, we’ll make a sandwich and send the men out to work. When he has gone off in the morning, we’ll go to the park with the children in the pram and feed the ducks. Then off to the café for lunch. Then visit friends. Then home just in time to quickly knock up some food for the tired man. At the end of the week, he can give me the wage packet. Mmmm! It sounds like what we had when I was a child. My mother used to take me out all over the place whilst father worked in the factory.”

I can give a further discussion of why patriarchy was a way of controlling men and getting men to do everything for the benefit of women. I can often bring it round to women got no advantage out of the vote. But sometimes, I am not brave enough to take it that far. If they crank up, you can always ask the question, what advantage did it give to women? As a sixty-six-year-old, I can declare that I am on the side of women and that men can ‘bend with the wind’. We’ll take whatever we are given. I even move onto jobs: “You women can have all the jobs if you want. We did not want them in the first place. We were told that we had to work hard and if lucky we might get a job.” We quickly learn that girls want monetary support so we work hard so that you will choose us as a hard working male. “When you women get jobs, you find it is not as good as you were told. You start to get all the problems that men faced. You finish up visiting psychologists and psychiatrists and taking antidepressants.”

Sometimes I explain the sandwich. Give the man a sandwich and he does not go to the pub and spend money destined for you, the woman. The man had a bread and cheese sandwich in the middle of a twelve-hour shift whilst covered in soot down a damp dark mine shaft whilst the girl was at the café. And he was happy with that situation. He was happy to provide for her café lifestyle. His status in society depended on him providing for her in this manner. Feminism told women that they could earn money for themselves, but women were already spending almost all the earnable money in society without actually doing the work themselves.

If they get onto the subject of the vote I tell them: “When Queen Victoria took the throne, only about three percent of the population had the vote and they were the landowners. In 1832, only three percent of the adult male population was qualified to vote. They were landowners. Most of the men that went to be shot at in World War One did not have the vote. You must also note that the so-called ‘Suffragettes’ did not demand the vote for all women. The Suffragettes only wanted the vote for women that were landholders or married to landholders. Even Queen Victoria, the monarch of the biggest empire in history, stood against the vote for women. It is too easy to think that it was males that discourage the vote for women, but vast numbers of women opposed the vote for women. Women didn’t want the vote. The vote brought them no benefit. It is possible, difficult to be sure, that the majority of females were against women being granted the opportunity to vote. It was the anti-suffrage groups that wanted a referendum to demonstrate that women did not want the votes. The Suffragettes were avoiding a referendum.

Women were simply thriving under patriarchy. For the most part, they avoided the responsibility of work and provisioning and commandeered the wage packet and controlled the men from a position of physical weakness but emotional strength. It was a male parliament that gave the women a vote but not without considering the main issue that it was most likely that the majority of women did not want the vote. The Australian Army is now heavily recruiting women on a ‘males need not apply basis’ in an attempt to raise the participation to twenty-five percent. They are struggling to do this even with reduced standards for the simple reason that this is not what women want. Even with heavy propaganda, girls do not want to dominate the military enrolments. It is interesting that women demanded the right to vote without demanding the right to be drafted into the army.”

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