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Why are women so unhappy?

According to an NHS survey, women are more miserable than men for almost their entire lives and are happier only after the age of eighty-five. The Sunday Times reports that increasing numbers of British persons are reporting consistent unhappiness. This Health Survey found that women were more likely to report severe problems at almost every age. Twenty-eight percent of women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four have mental health problems extreme enough to count as a disorder, compared to sixteen percent for men.

Economists Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers in their provocative paper: ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness’ report that although women’s life circumstances have improved greatly over the past few decades by most objective measures, their happiness has declined—both in absolute terms and relative to men’s happiness. They state: “measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men. The paradox of women’s declining relative well-being is found across various datasets… Relative declines in female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the 1970s typically reported higher subjective well-being than did men.” They suggest that ‘progress’ has been extraordinary. Educational attainment has risen and now surpasses that of males. Women have gained an increased control over fertility. Domestic appliances has freed women from ‘domestic drudgery’. Women’s freedoms have expanded. they write that: “Female labor force participation has risen to record levels both absolutely and relative to that of men.” But here is the catch. They have swallowed the propaganda. ‘Working in the house’ was not ‘drudgery’, it was joy. Working in an office is drudgery. Women were pushed into the workforce by propaganda and are now suffering the same problems that were previously suffered by males. This:

Was turned to this:

It is not appropriate for Betsy to state: “women’s life circumstances have improved greatly over the past few decades by most objective measures.” Work is not fun. Work is work. You may enjoy your job, but you will be lucky if you do. Most working people wait all day for the siren so that they can go home to the family and spend time with the children or whatever, which is what women were doing before the brainwashing wave by those males that funded and promoted feminism.

Even the argument about ‘increased control over fertility’ was a major benefit to males. They could have more sex with reduced consequences. Thus males could put social pressure on females to ‘lighten up’ and have sex as there were no consequences. Sex was now for male enjoyment rather than procreation. Akerlof, Yellen, and Katz (1996) point out that the ‘sexual freedom’ enabled by the release of the birth control pill benefited males by increasing the pressure on females to have sex outside of marriage. This significantly reduced women’s bargaining power in the sexual marketplace. Previously, a ‘shotgun marriage’ was expected in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. Sex occurred between inexperienced young couples on the basis that: “If you get me pregnant — you marry me.”

Adding to the problem of female unhappiness is the fact that women tend to worry about the well-being of their families. Thus, being away from home and family is not the ideal situation for mothers. It was illogical propaganda from the start. Marxism, feminism, cultural Marxism, political correctness are all logical ideals that entirely have no heart. The logic does not consider thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Men were under pressure in the workplace. The extreme economic demands placed on males to provide were linked to higher stress among men. Women are now learning that work is not the utopia that was only available to males. The propaganda declared that males were taking all the jobs. The reality was that males didn’t really desire to work five days a week. They were forced to provide for a family and had the decency not to require their spouse to do the same. It was also the only way that they were going to get into the knickers of a female. Work hard — get a girl. Feminism gave it away for free.

Maureen Dowd of The New York Times. notes that a number of major studies indicate that “women are getting gloomier and men are getting happier.” She poses: “Did the feminist revolution end up benefiting men more than women?” Feminist Susan Faludi had the answer to that: “The woman’s movement wasn’t about happiness.” Perhaps that was why patriarchy was supported by women. Patriarchy pushed the men into the awful state of the workforce and got men to run the nation entirely for the benefit of women so that women could stay at home and play with the children. Some fool suggested that women had been deprived of the opportunity of participation in the awful workplace. Education itself is no excitement. Education persuades one to use neocortex logic to over-ride reptilian instinct, feelings, and emotions. I know. They did it to me. They cooked my brain and gave me an obsession with success. It gave me an obsession with perfectionism and made me analytical in my thinking on any topic. It thus encouraged me to override emotion with logic. I have spent a lifetime attempting to reverse this situation. When I was young, they were only doing this to males. They are now doing it too females.
Many people report that feminism has been stunningly successful. Successful at what? Pushing women into the workforce! Stressing women with the provisioning requirement. Pushing women onto anti-depressants! Making women sexually available! Feminists accuse women who decide to avoid this nonsense and stay at home with their children as “letting down the team.” I have taken four months holiday this year. It beats working all year by a long way. Why would anybody want to work when others will do it for them? Men were quite happy working all their lives and giving their income to a wife. Men were dumb enough to give their life’s effort to support a woman and children.

Change does not mean progress. Change can give the illusion of progress. Women have not progressed. The feminist propaganda demanded a complete social, moral, and cultural revolution.

“Right to happiness” was never a component of Marxism, communism, nor its rehashed form called feminism. Same rhetoric, different bogey-man. Formerly it was the wealthy oppressing the poor workers then it was males oppressing women — except that is was a lie. In Wales, when mine deaths became problematic, the solution was to ban women and children from working down mines. That was not to oppress women and children it was to ensure that only the males were oppressed. It was no illegal to oppress women and children in mine work. This was not to disadvantage women. When those with the ability to subvert the democratic process engineer a war, it was not the oppression of women that released them from the draft and the likelihood of death by agony with a bayonet wound to the belly on the battlefront.

The frivolous battles for affordable childcare is a child minding service to keep the women oppressed in work. Yet it is considered a win for women.

When young, girls are told that they can fly to the moon and become CEOs. Boys are not told this. We are told to work hard and if we are very lucky we may get a job. Very few males get to the moon or become CEOs but we don’t complain about ‘glass ceilings’. If a girl doesn’t get the job she wants there is an apparent glass ceiling that only she can see. This invisible glass ceiling was apparently created by males which makes me guilty by association. But I have often had women in senior positions above me and they are welcome to it. We suffer from stress in power positions. I’ll happily stay as the worker and leave the superiors to the stress punishment. I often say to girls: “You can have all the jobs if you want them. We didn’t want them in the first place. Males natural state is to be lazy and cause trouble.” So it is perhaps not wise for society not to keep the male populous busy at work just to keep them from causing trouble. You must remember that we are descendants of particularly violent animals. Civilisation has tamed the beast in the man in a process called upbringing. If the ‘upbringing’ process conducted by mothers and others fails, we have a backup of a jail system. The preferred option is a quality upbringing for males to keep them from troubling the females. We are born with testicles that ache to be used. The civilization process harnessed males energy by tying one man to one woman. The process requires a carefully crafted upbringing by a mother (a woman) with support from an indoctrinated male, to inculcate the young males that they should respect women, never hit a woman, and work to support a woman. This procedure enables women to enjoy womanhood unhindered by the bland drudgery of the everyday work environment. Telling girls that they can be CEOs lines them us for disappointment as they never get to reach what has been deemed ‘their full potential’. You can keep your dreams of ‘full potential’. I’m going on holiday.

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