How to deal with Feminists. Random Quotes:

So many women are saying things that are simply anti-men whilst painting women as victims of male oppression. They take to blaming gender-bias for all their personal problems. In the long run, this does not benefit women as male-bashing makes it difficult for level-headed girls to find male partners. So for the benefit of womanhood, this needs to be curbed.

As males, we are not built to combat women physically or verbally. I have not worked out whether this is male biology or male upbringing or a combination of the two. Males are designed or destined to create cooperation with women. Even in our dealings with males in society, we initially create cooperation, and leave conflict in the background. For civilisation, we stick to a set of rules such that conflict follows sets of guidelines. For the sake of society and cooperation between the genders, the madness that is feminism needs to be countered. Here are some random comments from various sources. There is no single rule as the situation varies in each circumstance. You will meet every type from hardcore feminists to minor anti-male irritations. Being put down for something from which you have never been guilty is somewhat annoying and needs rebuke. I try to think of new ones like: “Women do not contribute enough to the tax pool whilst taking the greater share of the tax spending.” Women’s empowerment really means pushing women into the workforce with propaganda. Girls often display their feminist views by male bashing, demanding entitlement, and various levels of hysteria. Genital mutilation is acceptable if it involves boys. They don’t make so much noise about the bigger issues of female genital mutilation, honour killings, and forced marriages. Yet they campaign against items that don’t exist such as the misquoted statistics on a supposed gender wage gap. Women do earn less but it is because they choose different jobs and work shorter hours. There is also the issue of equality by opportunity or equality by quota. Do we have a quota for 50% female airline pilots or do we all sit the same aptitude tests? Feminism is an ideology, like communism, and Marxism and should be open to sensible discussion. However, feminists tend to shut down the discussion with rants using these common words: sexist, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, bigots or fascist. The effect of feminist’s demands for equality brought down women to the level of men. It brought women from a highly respected position in society to a position of ridicule. Western women were the most respected people in the world. They have been downgraded to the lowest level. Western women have moved from here:


My own method depends on the severity of the anti-male attack. I involve various levels but the quickest is to say: “You realise that feminism was funded and promoted by males.” And maybe I add: “And you realise that it was not for the good of females.” I might move onto: “Feminism is full of illogic. The kitchen was not slavery. I see people queuing to get onto cooking programs on television. Women were given choices which included: work, work or work. There was no choice of ‘more leisure time’ or more time with the children. Women were told that careers were more important than family and they believed it. Women finish up on anti-depressants. Women have become less happy under feminism.

I might also lead onto: “Women were told that they could be ‘sexually liberated’ which meant that any girl that did not give forth was called ‘sexually repressed’. It was not ‘liberation’ it was the destruction of the strongest control that women had influenced over men since the beginning of Christianity, when Jesus forced the men to behave in their dealings with women.” But it becomes a long story.

Unfortunately, feminism is often used as an excuse to be rude. You will have to work out your way to deal with it. Certainly, don’t tolerate it and determine the way to support manhood and prevent womanhood becoming disreputable by these misled persons. It is not entirely their fault that they got caught up in the promoted destruction of western civilization. Under no circumstance allow yourself to be drawn down to their level.


It’s tough. About one in five women are feminists. So it’s virtually impossible not to encounter their bullshit from time to time. Feminism is particularly aggravating because it comes from a place of privilege: females are the privileged sex but feminists pretend as though they are oppressed.


I don’t need friends whose anger at my gender makes it so that they aren’t really respectful of me. … our friendships with women are challenged by the way toxic feminism has pitted women and men against each other.


…the only reason we have this problem is that our culture is stuck in a phase of glorifying victimhood. … Don’t fall for the transparent cries for attention or validation. … For example, if they go off on the whole “rape culture” thing, I mention that a few of my friends were railroaded for doing nothing wrong. For the wage gap, I usually ask what their major is, what their field will be, and if they’ll work overtime, weekends, or holidays. Then I mention that I busted my tail in high school at a physically brutal job alongside a woman, and we both got paid the same rate for the same work. A third co-worker got paid less, and guess what? She didn’t have a GED, she only worked part-time, and she would frequently call in sick.


Make sure they look like assholes, not you.


If she’s white, tell her to quit with her white feminism. Tell her that her white feminist views are racist and Eurocentric (how about addressing Third World feminist issues, rather than First World problems?). Tell her to check her white feminist privilege. Change the topic to race, class or LGBTQ, which are certainly more urgent issues than her white feminist concerns. If she refuses to go along, that’s her white feminism being racist, elitist and/or homophobic.

If she’s not white, accuse her of acting like a white feminist. But don’t blame her; tell her she has internalized white feminism and that it’s not really her fault, and that you’re there to help her through it.

(I’m totally serious about all this, …)

But if you want to sway a neutral audience, yeah, you should argue using the facts.


Usually the best thing to do is ignore them. I look at them as children. Intellectually and morally bankrupt children.

If you suspect she has a personality disorder (a lot of Feminists have Cluster B disorders) stay the hell away from her as these women are dangerous and beyond being reasoned with.