Keep your hands soft so that you can feel the softness of a woman’s skin. But the woman’s skin is just first base when it comes to the softness of a woman. Men love the softness of women. They enjoy the softness of the way they feel and the softness of their femininity but not forgetting the gentleness of the way they act.

The story started when I remembered castigating an apprentice mechanic for using his first finger for doing up nut and bolts. I told him in no uncertain way: “Don’t use that finger, it’s the one you use for playing with women. My further instruction demanded that he use the left hand as much as his right hand. Simple tasks with the left hand and complex tasks with the right hand. The reason is that the right arm becomes stronger than the right and you will tire more quickly during the day. The next instruction was to use other than the first finger and the thumb when completing tasks. Use the thumb and first finger as little as possible, so that the skin does not get too thick which makes it less effective when working with women. Gloves are also advised. They look after your skin.

As usual with my stories, they drift into other areas.

Many girls have degraded their femininity as they wallow in the witterings of the feminists. Becoming a feminist is the antithesis of being feminine. Traditionally, women would use their feminine procedures of being tender, nurturing, gentle, and interested. It was the mechanism by which she controlled the man. She did not use physical strength, male logic, harsh words, yelling, anger or demands to control a man. She used her subtle femininity in a manner that completely bewilders the male. She confuses a man with his own logic. The girl will control you with her soft methods and it will bring you a lot of joy. You just need to stand your ground if she gets carried away with her control. The girls that have been influenced by feminism, are trying to use male tactics with woman’s logic to influence males and it does not work. You might class them as loud, bossy, and controlling. When a woman sees a man as competition, he may respect her in the business world, but he does not want a life of competition with her, he wants a life of compatibility. What women fail to realize is that it is not compulsory for males to marry a woman. Females cannot demand how men should be. Men are men. It simply does not work like that. For her to want to beat you or outclass you, is to create a dysfunctional relationship before it has even started. She will outclass him on emotional manipulation using her feminine ways, so there is little point in her trying to beat him in his primary skill area, logical reasoning.

It is the differences between man and woman that make the relationship exciting. If women want to demonstrate that they can do anything a man can do she is following the footsteps of men as if men were superior. From a man’s point of view, women were superior. But from a feminist point of view, men were the evil perpetrators of patriarchy that held women back. If men had been evil, should not male’s evil behaviour be upgraded to the superior demeanour of women? Why would women want to emulate everything a man does if man had been an agent of evil. Although we can never achieve perfection in these areas, I still find Mark Twain’s comment amusing: “What would men be without women? Scarce, sir … mighty scarce.” Basically, men and women have to find a way to get on together. In the words of Michael J. Fox: “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Or from John Wooden: “The most important thing in the world is family and love.” George Santayana wrote this over a century ago: “The family is one of natures masterpieces.” Men love women. Steve Maraboli made this quip: “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

But on the balance of power between a man and a woman, Lionel Suggs says:

“Men have grown embarrassingly weak, but only through observation. Their resolve can easily be broken by a woman. Their emotions can be easily manipulated by a woman. Their power can be easily taken by a woman. Their pride can be easily stripped by a woman. Their entire life can easily be ruined by a woman. While physically stronger, their manipulative prowess can be wittingly outclassed by a woman. And while their dreams are stronger, the realities of women are stronger.”

The balance of power is reputed to be in the direction of the male, but the woman has the power of emotional influence when the man does not even realize. With a power balance of this nature, it is not difficult to upset the relationship between man and woman. The man is told he is the head of the family but he makes all decisions in favour of his beloved. Beyond this, the woman exerts clever influence to ensure all of his decisions fall in her favour. So, although the man is made to appear to be in charge and carries himself in a manner that suggests that he is in charge, all his decisions are either influenced by the woman or they are made to favour the woman. The activities of the man is heavily influenced by the female. She can raise him up to great heights or she can level him to and bring him down to the lowest level. She can break his spirit. W woman does not level a man with muscles, but by playing with his psyche. To be a man in this environment, you need to know the game. Here is a simple example of standing your ground. When we bought this old house in North Perth, the workbench was in the back room. One day, it disappeared to the outhouse. I never said a word. I did no work on the house for many months. The subject was never mentioned. The bench suddenly appeared back in the back room one day.

But when it comes to it, males just love the gentle soft suppleness of the body as we run fingertips across the smooth skin. It is one of the most sensual feelings a man can experience. We do not wish to feel hard muscles or the rumble of bones. And it is this softness that women use as a form of ‘soft power’ to exert influence over a male. Women use softness rather than force. One girl said to me the other day in sensible conversation: “Men are dumb.” It wasn’t meant in rudeness as we are way past that understanding of each other. It was meant to convey that men don’t understand what women understand. Men say that women are stupid. They may add that women are illogical. As the father of a younger competitor said to me at a motorcycle event as I was explaining what I write about: “You are right, Andy. I often say to my wife: ‘But that is illogical.’ ” As a motorcyclist and a technical person, he sees everything in a logical manner. She sees differently. He curbs her illogic and she curbs his excessive logic. Softness is part of a woman’s DNA. It is the source of their power. When a woman turns away from softness she moves into unfamiliar territory and loses her most exciting source of power. It is the woman’s softness that allows her to knock the man of his logical pedestal. He can use all the logic in the world, but he withers under the assault of the woman’s intuitive soft attack. If a woman takes logic to a man, she puts herself in a position of being beaten. The man is strong on logic but week on emotional instinct. Perhaps I can elevate that to ‘clueless’ on emotional instinct. A man will say something on the other side of the room. She won’t know the words but she knows that it was something inappropriate and you will soon be groveling to redeem yourself. Just do not do it. Women have a perception about which you are clueless. She has another dimension. You will beat her on straight logic, but only on logic.

Feminism has succeeded in creating a rift between male and female. It was designed to do so. But the aims of feminism run deeper. The Bolsheviks tried this out one hundred years ago when they forced communism onto the people at the pointy end of a bayonet. Women were suddenly expected to be a part of the workforce outside of their homes. They had to look after a home and do a day’s work. They changed from this:

To this:

Or this:

They were liberated from freedom so that they could be equal to men and labour in the ditches in the icy cold. In the process, millions died of strategic starvation and disappeared into the gulag concentration camps of the Bolsheviks.

Lynne Attwood writes:

“In the aftermath of the Revolution, Bolsheviks were committed to creating a new type of person that would be willing to be subordinate to the interests of the rest of society.”

And she was being polite. One might call them slaves to the state. The Bolsheviks desired a monopoly over power, knowledge, culture, and religion. They set out to achieve this by re-engineering humanity to serve them. In Russia, they did it by compulsion backed by propaganda. In the west, it has been done very slowly by propaganda. Feminism is a part of the propaganda and although very few people identify as feminists when asked, the concept is all pervasive through government and media. The implementation of Communism requires the disintegration of nation, race, religion, and family. The family is being destroyed.

Ferdinand Mount describes the procedure in his ‘The Subversive Family.’:

“First, hostility and propaganda to devalue family. The family is a source of trouble. It could distract apostles or potential apostles from following the new idea. The family is second-best, pedestrian, material, selfish. Alternative families are promoted — communes, party cadres, kibbutzes, monasteries.”

Feminist propagandist Linda Gordon lets the feminist cat out of the communist bag with:

“the nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.”

You may now understand why communist and LGBT values are pushed onto our children. It explains why Western countries are flooded with migrants, particularly ones that are unlikely to assimilate and more likely to react.

Feminist historian Kate Weigand wrote in her 2002 book, ‘Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation.’:

“ideas, activists, and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women’s movement of the 1960s and later.”

Feminism has become so pervasive that Carey Roberts writes:

“After all, radical feminism, the currently controlling faction of feminism, governs just about everything that is happening in your life.”. (Carey Roberts – ‘Marxism And The Roots Of Radical Feminism’)

To let you know the thinking of those that you are up against, here are some more outbursts from the key propaganda mouthpieces of the feminist movement:

Linda Gordon: “the nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.”
Robin Morgan: “We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.”
Mary Jo Bane: “in order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.”
Vivian Gornick: “being a housewife is an illegitimate profession… The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family maker is a choice that shouldn’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that.”
Helen Sullinger: “We must work to destroy [marriage]… The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men… All of history must be rewritten in terms of oppression of women.”

The spectacular nature of their success in destroying the family is manifest in the statistics. The birth rate for unmarried women in the US has increased from eighteen percent in 1980 to a 2012 figure of forty-one percent. This leads to a whole range of development problems. Seventy percent of the inmates of US jails were brought up in fatherless families.

If you are good at detecting illogic, this should get you wound up. In an article called ‘On the Social Construction of Sex’, the Marxist, Freya Brown writes that the idea of gender is a set of baseless myths designed to ‘reinforce and ideologically’ justify the oppression of women. If gender is merely a construct, how can one oppress the other if one is the same as the other? You must learn to detect illogic.

The reason that the transgender issue is being propagandized is not to rectify a civil rights issue, but to destroy the existing gender structure along with the institution of the family.

In the modern world, we have machines to make products and do things, why do we all need to work five and six days a week? In the middle ages, it is reported that it only took around three days of work to provide the necessities for a family, and at that, it only took one person. Why are we having to work so long and hard and why does it take two incomes to live?

With communism, the bogeyman was the wealthy capitalists and the working people were the ‘oppressed’. This would not take hold in the west so the woman’s movement made a suitable alternative. Suddenly, males were the bogeymen by taking all the best jobs and oppressing women. The reality was that males were working long hours in unpleasant conditions and handing the wage packet to wives that they adored. Whilst talking about the current work balance, I say to girls on a regular basis:

“You can have all the jobs if you want them. Us males never wanted the jobs in the first place. We were told that we had to provide and that our status depended on our work status. This status was recognized by girls as girls like to marry someone who can support them.”

Employability affected boy’s mating opportunity. Patriarchy was a system that was set up by females or supported by females because it relieved them of the duties of workplace servitude and pushed the males to run the country entirely for the benefit of females. Patriarchy was good for women and good for children.

Pat Robertson was particularly harsh:

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.”

Consideration of family is less discussed as individual ‘rights’ takes precedence. Yet the young do not have the power of the media and family members are too busy caring for their kin. The ‘values system’ becomes eroded such that legislature puts little effort into strengthening the family structure. Christianity always had the family as its core concern. Although, the church has not been representing Christianity very well in the last few years. This poster is Bolshevik propaganda to discourage Christianity and to look to the state to obtain guidance:

The same is happening today. Ignore the church and old people and get your guidance from corporate media. Feminism has become a threat to the traditional family structure.

Men’s activist Gil Ronen, tells us that feminists in Israel have, wittingly or not, bought into a wide-ranging campaign to destroy the family unit:

“The dialogue in the country has changed, by design: Every flirting or untoward remark is reported as sexual harassment, the legal definition of rape has been widened in a way that makes it hard to discern consensual sex from rape, and men are constantly portrayed as violent, instead of as protective. This is all part of a campaign to change the way we think.”

The control of males by females is used in the French Revolution, Bolshevism, communism generally, and revolutionary feminism because it can be used to undermine the perceived strength of the nation, the males. Karl Marx wrote it this way:

“The first battlefield is to rewrite history.
Anyone who know anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval.
Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.”

He described how class struggle of some type is used to change society to gain control by the few. One ruling class can be overcome by creating a class struggle of some type and replacing one ruling class by another. Thus the war against a nation is not conducted by external forces, it is conducted in a clandestine manner by infiltration and propaganda. Christianity has been undermined and its moral code destroyed. Monarchs have been largely overthrown or reduced to powerless pawns whilst the so-called democracy is controlled by powerful persons acting through corporations. The moral code of the Christian West has eroded to the extent that Western white women in Victorian times were regarded as the most virtuous women on the planet and one hundred years later they are by far the major participants in porn watched all over the world. The degradation is so complete that other religions and societies have to protect their young by teaching their youth that: “European women are as nothing.” They are the same level as the dirt on the ground. This is done so that their young men will marry their women without expecting their women to act in the way that porn participants portray.

Even Obama is in on the game. He learned as a student in the eighties to use Marxist revolutionary communism to overwhelm the Welfare State with the intention of collapsing the capitalist system.

Betty Friedan (1921-2006), devoured and reinvigorated the communist ideas of Karl Marx and integrated them into her 1963 book, ‘The Feminist Mystique’. This became the de facto bible to the White progressive, liberal and socialist women at universities in the sixties and seventies. It manifests itself in the hippies and led to the so-called ‘Sexual Revolution’ where the virtues of virtuous women were deactivated in favour of promiscuity. This then led its way to a propaganda push for same-sex marriage. In her version of Marxism, Betty Friedan wrote: “We can no longer ignore that voice within women that says: ‘I want something more than my husband and my children and my home.’ ” She declares it as “the problem that has no name”! She also writes: “You can have it all, just not all at the same time.” This matches the mis-truths that are still told to girls that they can ‘fly to the moon.’ and you can become CEOs. Boys are not told that they can fly to the moon or become a CEO! This is setting girls up for disappointment at unfulfilled dreams. She was writing in times where the household ‘chores’ had been replaced with free time due to the invention of household appliances (by males). Americans, Australians were living in immaculate ‘Californian’ bungalows with conveniences, yet she convinced them that there was ‘something more’. Something was missing from their lives. This:

Gradually changed to this childless life of anxiety, depression, and false dreams:

Betty Friedan and those that funded, promoted, and pushed this incredulous volume, had their ‘win’. And you are now suffering its effects. The world should be shocked that the women did not enjoy doing household chores with their vacuum cleaners and washing machines. They wanted more. They finished up destroying the status of women and as one male put it last night: “Turned them all into ‘cock-suckers’.” Just put the words ‘college girls’ into a web search to see what he means.

Betty Friedan encouraged women to ‘liberate’ themselves from a ‘housewife trap’: To “emancipate woman and make her the equal of the man is and remains an impossibility so long as the woman is shut out from socially productive labor and restricted to private domestic labor.” She carefully propagandizes the concepts of Marx and Engels. Betty Friedan had cleverly created the illogic that: Motherhood was “a comfortable concentration camp,” and that working in a corporate concentration camp was “the emancipation of women.”

You can’t reason with these crazies.

Ths softness of women has been eroded by feminism. It is our task to rebuild it for the sake of western humanity and for women themselves. Try not to blame these women for their harshness but realize that it is due to clever propaganda. Rather than clash, it is more useful for society to turn the ship around.

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