We wish people health and happiness. We do the health bit fairly well, but we don’t do the happiness bit very well. We leave happiness to sort itself out.

We had an autistic son and he was going to need care for the rest of our lives. I realized that I was no good to the family if I could not remain happy. So I determined the necessity of my happiness for the sake of others. I had to determine how to raise and maintain my happiness. I reasoned that I would have to put a minor percentage of my time effort and money into enjoyable activities. This included motorcycle sport.

However, this was not the real path to happiness. I puzzled that real happiness came from the interactions with other people. This was not just family and friends. It included all people I meet in everyday life including strangers. The trick is to make everyone else happy and they make you happy. Every meeting is an opportunity to make a person happy. This does not mean that you need to be condescending or overly nice. Sometimes I tell them something straight and honest. It really works.