Men tend to operate in the land of logic. Girls have another dimension that utilities the brain in another dimension. If a male talks with logic, the girl will drop to logic. Men operate magnificently in the land of logic. It involves practical common-sense and we revere other males who are practical and rational. I was at a scout jamboree when I had just entered my teens. The chief scout went through and shook all our hands in turn and stopped at my brother and asked me if we were brothers. I then knew that others could see things that I did not see. Sometimes I comment something someone said does not match some event. But someone else will just say: “He’s lying. You can tell.” They can see something I cannot see. Girls also operate with an extra dimension that us mere males cannot detect. It utilities the subconscious and some other thinking strategies that us males ignore. In the simplest form. Girls remember birthdays and males do not. I was driving and articulated bus across the Nullarbor from Adelaide to Perth. It was dusk and a kangaroo jumped out of nowhere into the line of my bus. Whump. I hit it right in front of my feet and it bounced off into the bush. When I tell the story to males they ask me: “Did the bus get damaged?” When I tell the story to girls, they ask: “Was the kangaroo okay?” Big difference. The other day, I made a complaint about the attitude of a staff member at a venue to the female manager. I was concerned, not or myself, but for the reputation of the long-running business. Inn a concerned manner, The female manager asked if I was okay. Had my feelings been hurt and was I upset. I, myself, had no concern for myself, but she had. This perception can be used against a male in a manner which you will never figure out.

She may make you feel guilty and it can be for something you didn’t do wrong or it could be trivial such as not calling when she expected. “I was waiting for your call all day!” Even though you had never said you were going to call. Next day you call her in the middle of the day but she does not answer. She might carelessly talk about some other male to make you jealous. She knows how to pull the emotional strings in ways of which you are totally ignorant. You may learn to stand your ground,  but if you like her, she will get you in the end. She may suddenly go quiet and cold and sidestep any attempt you make to find out what is wrong. You will, of course, think there is something wrong, when in fact there is nothing wrong. She may create curiosity about something she will not reveal. “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just not hungry.” You worry that you upset her or that she considers that you are not worthy of her. In doing so, she will create the impression that you are lucky to have her. However emotionally tough you are and however good you are at straight-facing and hiding your emotions, she will break you. To her, it is like training a horse. She will break you emotionally to control you. By all means, be broken ( a little bit) but recognize the game she is playing. Young males ask me, the sixty-six-year-old, how I get more attention than them. “Andy. These girls are all over you. How do you do it?” I tell them they must learn to speak with their eyes. The communication is through the eyes. Words don’t work. I tell them that I think that I am giving a mixed message. I am telling them through eye contact that I have a strength of character, but I am weak to their games. It is more complex than that but it is a mixed message of strength and weakness. Strength might be conveyed in the way I look into their eyes. If talking becomes appropriate, strength might mean explaining something extremely logical whilst looking straight into their eyes and changing eyeball connection. Your logic is a useful asset to a girl because it is likely to be her weak point. I might explain how I gave up alcohol ten years ago and how alcohol was used as a  trick to keep the Russian peasants poor. I might explain how feminism was funded and promoted by males and was a rehash of the Bolshevik bull-shit of one hundred years ago. Next day she might ignore you, but you take it nonchalantly, but you may not understand her tactics. It goes back to our days as reptiles. She wants someone that is going to stick around whilst she has offspring. She wants someone who is capable of looking after her and she wants someone that she can control from an emotional level. The level you don’t understand. She knows how to tickle the back of your neck and then take all your money. For the right girl, the good girl, we are prepared to sacrifice everything. To know that you will stick around, she tests your resilience, but it is not physical resilience as in how much physical pain can you endure. She tests you by messing with your emotions. She will take you on an emotional roller-coaster that adds the dimension that is missing from your logical life. In the process, she will determine your weaknesses. She adds these weaknesses to her arsenal. “You being so short does not bother me!”, “I think I can see the beginning of a bald patch.”, “I quite like bald men!” She will complement your male friends on their physique or she will praise you brother. Being male, you are less likely to play on her weaknesses, unless you are trying to emotionally manipulate her. She will have you apologizing for things of which you are not guilty. She will make you feel insecure as a means of keeping you in-line. She has the power to destroy you. She winds you in like a fish on a line and lets you go. But it wasn’t the freedom that you wanted. You wanted servility to this dream girl. She wants you to invest in her, but she has the ability to simply ditch you, whilst you are falling in love with her. Girls that carry it to the extreme and lead men on into thinking there is a relationship, are a shocking blight on the landscape. Any girl that is good looking and looks overconfident is prone to be one of these sad cases. I say sad, because, they may have men dancing at their fingertips up until they reach the age of twenty-eight, but then they become yesterday’s news. You must rapidly determine if a girl has past ‘form’. If she gets you enticed too quickly, she is practiced in the art of delusion. She is a seductress who takes men’s hearts and drops them in a bucket. She is effectively the ‘girl on the avenue’ with whom you should not fall in love. She will mess with your mind by making you think that there is a relationship when it is simply playtime for her. She might put red lipstick marks on your collar and walk around with your tie around her neck but the affection stops when she decides to find some other sucker to buy her drinks and perhaps sexually satisfy her. These are the ‘bad’ girls that are better avoided. She will detect your crush and break your heart like the wine glass that she dropped. Don’t fall in love with the girls on the avenue.

Being the ‘drama queen’ is another tactic. The drama is essentially a heightened emotional effort. Always act calmly. The red wine on her dress is not an emergency.

As a male, it is essential to do a little homework. How many males has she been out with? As one young fellow offered: “Andy. If they have been sleeping around, you can ‘sniff’ it out when you are going out with them.” The girl that sleeps around is used to changing beds, and so she will fall out with you as quick as she fell in with you. When you invest time, effort and money in something, whether it is an object, idea, or female, you develop an emotional attachment. If she is a butterfly, flying from male to male, you are giving her the power to break your heart. You may need to get out before the relationship crashes your ego.

One of the common tactics used in emotional control is delayed response to any communication. They make you wait for responses or they ignore your electronic communication. It is quite maddening when someone does not answer you. It is a clear way to manipulate your mind with the effect of allowing them to maintain the control. As an opposite, they may demand immediate answers. If it is a perplexing question, it may take time to think, yet an immediate answer is demanded. You are a fool if you don’t play with a fun reply. Turn it back on them with something like: “You ask such tricky questions. It’s going to take me a while to think that through. What is your opinion on the matter?” I generally avoid arguments. They may provoke an argument which will raise your emotional state which will take things to a level where she is more skilled. Straight logic is your skill level. emotional battles are her skill level. Don’t go there. Your blood pressure will probably rise but hers may not. Starve the arguments of oxygen. Go quiet and don’t be provoked or blatantly change the subject. Go silent. Go cold. Go hard. But don’t let them take you to their battleground. As a saying goes: “Don’t take a knife to a knife fight” or perhaps “Don’t take a knife to a gun fight.” She is inviting you onto her strong ground – combatative argument with little logic. It matches the: “How do I know if you love me?” idiotic question.

She may also bring illogic to your logic. “Where do you dream this stuff up?” or “That sounds like a conspiracy!” or: “Are you being argumentative on purpose.” or “Why are you provoking me.” As a male, you need to learn that you will never win an argument with a girl. If you are wrong, you will be reminded next time a difference occurs. If you are right, she will punish you in another way.

She may try to suggest that she is out of your league.