Doctors have claimed that antidepressant drugs were effective in treating depression. In recent years these success rates have been falling. The New York Times has reported that the initially claimed success rates had been inflated by pharmaceutical companies by the sneaky tactic of ignoring damaging studies. Tests with inappropriate results are summarily terminated. In some trials, healthy volunteers have become suicidal. ( It thus becomes very difficult to trust the claims made by pharmaceutical companies.

Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medication in the US. The effectiveness of antidepressants has a dismal track record. They also have a bewildering array of unpleasant side effects. More recent studies show that these antidepressants drugs may also increase the rate of relapse of depression. The can also cause sexual dysfunction. They can cause loss of the pregnancy and birth defects which affect the heart of the baby. In young people, they can cause thoughts about suicide and self-harm. Some antidepressants can cause dizziness, drowsiness and blurred vision.
Antidepressants tested on healthy persons have created profound psychiatric effects.
Antidepressant withdrawal can bring on fresh, symptoms that may last for a very long time. Mania, crippling depression, and psychosis are included.
Kindly do a websearch before anyone puts you on these drugs.

Random Comments:

“As much as I loathe psych drugs, I would risk taking SSRI’s any day of the week before having my brain fried with total loss of memory, cognitive function, ability to work and creativity like all chemical and other lobotomies to make the so-called patient “better” in the eyes of the beholder.” 

“This has been a eugenics/experimental profit making bonanza.” 



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